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My work is a culmination of my various career and life experiences, and I focus on abstraction of the human form in a way that reimagines feminist narratives and discusses social constructs. I work in stoneware, a hard and cold end product with a deep sense of stone-like permanence and archaeology. The pieces are fired and either waxed and polished, or decorated with a variety of brush on glazes, slips, stains and oxides.

Some of my larger pieces are stand-alone 'pots', vessels who's absence of usability forms part of their statement. Other works stand on integrated plinths, giving a sense of prominence to an otherwise frivolous, fanciful object. 

I have been working with clay since my childhood - sometimes as a part-time pursuit, and other times as my main endeavour. I grew up on Twickenham in South West London, the product of a highly creative upbringing and formative experiences with artists and makers on Eel Pie Island. I also pursue the craft of making 'functional' ceramics, which informs my technical practice as well as keeping me grounded in the living archaeology of this discipline. 

When I am not making, I enjoy my life as a London defector in the Norfolk countryside with my family, dog and vegetable garden. I am involved in numerous local groups, and am proud to have co-founded a successful arts organisation which brings live comedy, cinema and creativity to my lovely rural community. 

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